Simple and uncomplicated crypto investment token consider as white paper

1: crypto and deflationary with an automatic burn on each transaction of 4% increasing its scarcity and gradually increasing its value as well.

2: Fair launch with all participants as investors, including the project founder.

How will tokens be distributed?

1. Of the total of 1 billion tokens, 500 million go straight to the burn in order to identify the burn wallet with more than 50% of the tokens.

2.30% will be sent for token liquidity.

3. 10% For the creation of an investment fund.

4. 10% will go towards marketing and adding liquidity.

And possible monthly burning by community vote

How the investment fund works

The investment fund has 10% of the total token to be injected into the market gradually when the token reaches the value of $0.01 so as not to cause a big impact on the price in order to raise funds to invest in the creation of a construction company that will build buildings with 8 apartments, of which 80% of the profits from the sale of this building will be used to buy the token, in practice, there will be an external investment in the token that will be continuous for an indefinite period, generating employment and income for Brazilian workers.

The token acquired by the sale of the 80% building will be resold the equivalent of 8% per month regardless of the amount in reserve in order to guarantee the circulation of the token.

The builder's profits will be divided to the token holders through the purchase of the token, leaving the investor to take advantage or not of the moment to make the sale and acquire the expected profit.

ATTENTION: Of all the profit generated at all stages by the investment fund, whether sale, purchase or profit generated, 20% will be destined to the founder of this project as payment for his efforts in managing the investment fund.

Do your own analysis and decide whether or not to invest in crypto in this way you assume the risk and exempt the direct and indirect team for any loss of capital you may suffer.

good luck brcryptonaltas